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SEO Services for Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing for Small Business 2023 - Get More Customers

Get more customers from your local area by upgrading your SEO, your website, and your Google Business Profile.  

Locals google prior to buying locally, so it makes sense to be seen online.

IF you are not being seen online, then lets fix it and ramp up your business.

Some of Our Digital Marketing Services are below - which one are you looking for?

  • Affordable SEO Services

    With Small business owners in mind, we have pricing that ranges from $500 - $1500 for SEO packages. Of course, we tailor every package, so if you need more, we'll arrange it

  • Free Website SEO Audit

    We'll examine your website, and that of a couple of your competitors to determine where you are, your competitors are and where you should be regarding your online footprint. 

    The report is yours to keep regardless of whether we partner up.

  • No Contracts

    Ok, a little bit of common sense needs to be used here. You'll need more than a month to see results, but if you decide at any time that you don't wish to continue, we simply finish up the month we're working on, and then part ways, with the door always open for you to return.

  • Online Ecosystem Blueprint

    Having a website isn't the only step you need to take to get online. In our report to you we cover each aspect that you should look at, as well as outline the steps we can take to take care of it all for you within the package itself.

  • Regular Feedback

    Just to keep in you in the loop, we pop a report your way every 4 weeks, that way you know what we've been working on, what we're yet to work on, and the outcomes of everything currently in play.

  • Mutli Service One Stop Shop

    While we specialise in SEO Optimisation, we have expanded our service and business partners to assist with video marketing, logo animations, YouTube, Social Media Management and more

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    Best SEO Service for Small Business Owners in Australia

    We may be jumping the gun a little by saying we are the best SEO choice for SME's, but we truly come from a foundation of small business owner helping small business owners. 

    If you found our site, and chose to read this site over the top of the companies who have been around for decades,(and are perhaps still stuck in the Dark Age with their techniques) then it probably makes sense to give us a go.

    Shaznem SEO services is located at 36 Gerald Road, Illawong, NSW, Australia. Located only 25 minutes from Sydney Airport, simply get onto the M5 from Marsh St, follow the M5 and take the exit towards A6/Menai/Alfords Point. Follow any lane along the A6, taking the exit towards Old Illawarra Rd/Illawong/Alfords Point, continuing along Old Illawarra Road to Gerald Road. 

    Being a small business, we of course operate out of our home office, but if you are preferring a face to face in person, instead of a Zoom call, simply call us on 0492 859 802 or email us at [email protected]

    We're open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.  

    We look forward to offering you a digital marketing solution.

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  • Testimonials

  • "Good service, improved my results getting traffic to my YouTube site. Will now use for video and images too. Thanks .


    Taylan B

    Future YouTube Star

  • Location

  • 36 Gerald Road, Illawong NSW Australia

  • 0492 859 802

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