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SEO Wollongong

Search Engine Optimisation services in the Wollongong Area are plentiful, but not so when you add "quality", "customer service" and "results" to the list. That's how Shaznem SEO Services slides in and around the big companies and is able to offer better results at lower pricing. 

So, as a Wollongong business owner, let's boost your online presence with your choice and combination of SEO, GMB, SEM, CPC and more. This digital marketing agency is here to help.

We have only so many hours in a day and the business owner starts to realise they are neglecting their main role in the business. In the long run, they struggle to manage everything because they need to run the business, run a social media marketing campaign on the social media platform, look after graphic design, and also perhaps build a new business website to increase branding and online marketing, and then BOOM!

There is no time left to make money, and what's the sense in having the business if they can't make money?

And of course, you can't make money without customers, or at least potential customers, and all of a sudden a nasty, unfair catch 22 appears.

And as you read this, you realise how hard it can be to do everything yourself.

You know that when there are plenty of fresh leads, you see your diary full, your business pumping, and you can plan ahead. And it would be SO GOOD to have an endless supply of paying buyers, wouldn't it?

Hang on, before we go any further, DO YOU have an endless supply of money wielding, loyal customer? If so, thank you for your time, but you don't need us.

However, if you DO need a boost in fresh traffic and you can appreciate a cash wielding client, then it is perfect that you are here!


Well, this is where you probably need to ask a digital marketing agency, and possibly even a website designer, for help. The catch with asking for help is that you need to trust that whoever you outsource the marketing to, will get the results you desire. The results that allow you to increase your turnover, perhaps double, triple or quadruple it.

Just quickly though, what would you do with that sort of money? Get some staff, or give the existing staff a pay rise? Take some time off for yourself more regularly? Knock off work at the end of the day and ACTUALLY switch off?

Have a think about this while we tell you how we help those who want to explode in their business.

Get More customers to your business

PLUS make more spare time AND upscale your business?

Let's do a free SEO and website audit, and chat about the results in a complimentary 30 minute Discovery session

Google My Business 

Have you have been through the Google My Business Login process? Checked out the reviews? Perhaps only thought about how GMB can get you more business for free? Well, we specialise in setting up GMB listings and optimising them, so enquire now to have a free consultation and let's see how we can get you free business. 

GMB Management

Web Design Wollongong

Most buyers research online these days, and even purchase online, now that circumstances have forced us to limit our visits to shops and businesses. 

It makes sense that you are here looking at options to either build a new website, or enhance the one you have, so take the first step and click below to book a free consultation.

More on Website Design and Creation

Here’s how our SEO Strategy works

Now, you should know this was created to get you the most results, in the shortest period of time, however every business owner has different results - and we have no magic wand for immediate results.

Aim for a minimum 3 months working on getting business from your area,

e.g. Wollongong down to Port Kembla, OK? 

Phase 1

Technical Web Site and SEO Analysis For You

seo-audit-free-digital-consultant Contact us now for a FREE Website and SEO Audit. We will also provide a no cost, no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session valued at $1500!

A Critical Step in working out how we can get you to your objective is to first look at there you are at the moment - So we have to tailor SEO Wollongong Style.

  • In depth Keyword Research for your industry, locality, You VS your competition in the Gong Area, done by an SEO expert.

  • Google Crawl Error Report

  • Citation Report - we want your details on as many sites as we can get - the odd client from outside the Wollongong area will want your services too

  • Google My Business (GMB) and Bing Places Audits - this is the best way to get the suburbs in and around Wollongong knowing about you - without having to yell from on top of Mt Keira. And they provide free traffic, so you don't need to buy google ads (used to be Google Adwords) to get a visitor to your site in the search results.

  • Image analysis and optimisation - there are tricks of the trade that REALLY make an image tell a thousand words - critical in search engine optimisation

  • Page Speed Analysis - if your page takes more than 2 seconds to load, you risk people looking elsewhere, PLUS a search engine hates slow loading times - they WILL penalise your site for making people wait.

  • Mobile Website Test - 52.1% of enquiries are now made from a website viewed on a mobile device

  • Website Design and Structure Analysis and Adjustment Recommendations, including URL, Headers, Content, Copywriting, Meta Data - all done by our inhouse web designer

  • Phase 2

    SEO Implementation and Site Optimisation


    Once we understand your online presence and what you want your brand image to be, we look at implementing the technical modifications needed to help Google better understand you, and rank you above your competitors in the Wollongong Region so you get better visibility.

    By speaking Google’s language, we can tell it about your service, your products, and your great reputation. We outline the steps in detail below

    Step 1:

    Website Optimisation

    Build the foundation strong, and everything else will be strong as well. 

  • Domain and URL Structure

  • Structure of site navigation, internal links and fresh web design if needed

  • Headers and Titles

  • Technical insertion of Meta Data, Schema Files and Social Data

  • Image Optimisation for speed and ranking, and possibly even Youtube Videos

  • Website Speed Tune-up

  • Step 2: Local Search and Map Pack Optimisation

    Once the website has been optimised, or a new website created, we then look at ensuring we have accurate information

  • Map Relevancy + NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

  • Google My Business (GMB) Application and Approval By Google

  • After GMB is approved, we ensure the information is all optimised to attract you clients and views for free

  • Name, Address, Phone, Hours

  • Website link

  • Images (Owner, 360, Interior, Exterior, on the job, team, video, etc)

  • Link to

    online Appt. service

  • Category, Product and Services offered

  • Regular Posts, designed to be part of a strong SEO Marketing Strategy, and easy reading by potential clients

  • Step 4: Citation Research, Clean and Creation

    Once we have taken care of the local search and GMB optimisation from Google’s angle, we start the long and precise process of doing citations.

    This entails registering your business details with hundreds of sites including directories and reference sites we have access to as a digital agency. 

    These citations enrich Googles opinion of your business AND spread the word about you.

    Some of the 135+ sites we use are:

  • Google My Business, Wordpress blogs, Facebook Business, Yellow Pages, True Local, Sensis, FourSquare, Happy Cow, Bing Places, Google Business, Yelp, + many more

  • Contact us now for a FREE Website and SEO Audit. We will also provide a no cost, no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session valued at $1500!

    Phase 3

    Growth Campaign, utilising indexing strategies and high quality link building


    We use high quality, Google Respected linking strategies that create and prove Authority of your site to Googles Algorithm.

    We also consistently review the best standards available in the industry by participating in monthly brain storming sessions with other professional services from the US, NZ and Europe.

  • The owner of Shaznem SEO Services is also your personal SEO analyst and Consultant

  • Quarterly updates on online market shifts

  • 13 dedicated Google Properties and Google Cloud Links

  • Simple to understand Monthly reports on your placement VS objectives VS competitors

  • Google Approved back-linking (authority articles pointing back to your business)

  • Professional Press Releases, Local Outreach and National Outreach, Blogs, Bookmarks, Social Media Links, plus more

  • Contact us now for a FREE Website and SEO Audit. We will also provide a no cost, no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session valued at $1500!

    Your small business SEO service, caring for business owners who are ready to grow


    Are you ready to get more customers for your business in The Gong? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0492 859 802 or email at [email protected] and ask for more information on local SEO for small business.

    We’re here to help your business get off the ground, and if that step is already done, help you dominate your industry, piggybacking on the changes we see occurring in the economy. 

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