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Small Business SEO Services

Have you been denied help by a digital marketing agency because you're not a larger business?

Are you wanting affordable SEO help without the $3k /mth price tag? 

Our service is designed for small business owners, and the process is personally tailored to your specific needs.

Touch base and claim your free SEO website Audit and 30 minute planning session - no obligation, no cost, no worries


Search Engine Optimisation that works, Affordable SEO packages for small business, and a FREE Website Audit + 30 minute Discovery Session to boot!

Call us on 0492 859 802 Enquire About our Services HERE

Transform Your Business

Claim your FREE SEO Audit so that we can analyse your business, obligation free, and then let us share 30 minutes and a coffee over Zoom going over how you can spearhead your business in the online world.

Here’s Just A Few Things You’ll Achieve When You Get The Online Portion Of Your Business Thriving...

  • Improve the bottom line of your business with more sales every day! The type of buyer that purchases via their phone while at lunch, on the bus, or even, shall we say it....on the toilet, is waiting to see something they like so they can get it - make sure it's YOUR name that comes up in their Google search results. 

  • Discover how much more time you will have to actually run your business when you hand over the marketing to an SEO agency that understands your limitations and treats you as a valuable partner, rather than just another order in the monthly log.  

  • Future proof your Online Business so that you can continue to benefit from it years from now, even after the pandemic has ended. 

  • Remember the dream of running a successful business, making good money, buying yourself nice things and then having the spare time so you and your family can enjoy it all?

    Well, when sales are low, spare time is also, however high sales = high profits = more staff = the ability for you and your family to take a day or 2 off.

Book your 30 minutes Discovery Session 

Smash 2021 Goals

Are you ready to boost your sales with a Digital Marketing Agency that cares?

YES! I want my Free SEO Audit too!
  • Your enquiry is 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • **P.S.: At this time we are working with small to medium businesses who don't have $3,000 to $15,000 per month to spend on marketing.  If this is you, then don't pay for someone to audit your online presence and pitch a sale to you. Use our SEO Audit while it's free, and let us chat for 30 minutes when we are finished and we'll give you some pointers on how to improve. No Cost, No Obligations.  

    SEO Strategies that Generate sales 24/7


  • We explain in easy terms everything we are doing; We update you upon request, and systematically every month

  • We expose what your competition is doing, and how to outmanoeuvre them

  • We DON'T make promises of getting you spot #1 within 30 days, and we don't agree to doubling, tripling, quadrupling your profits in that same period either

  • We WILL provide you with a realistic business strategy, designed to deliver the objective of getting top rankings and consistent leads, and we WILL treat you with care and personal service

  • You're not just another notch on the board.

  • Our Aim is Always to to get more customers to your website and through your front door so that you can make more money with us, and they can enjoy the very product and service they have been looking for. 

    As your Local SEO Agency, we've broken the process down into 6 simple stages:

    Evaluate and Audit

    We analyse both your website and your online presence with in depth, technical audits.

    We work out where which keywords are best suited for your business growth and how they can be implemented moving forward. We will explain these audit results to you (in plain English) in a 30 minute Discovery Session and get you the SEO edge

    Clarity and Understanding

    Once you have reviewed the Discovery Session and determined if we are a suitable match for each other, SEO Experts start planning the technical edits to make sure that Google completely understands what you do to help customers.  

    Competitor Analysis

    Once Google knows the real you, our SEO Consultants set about studying your competitors and uncovering what they are doing that you are not, allowing us to catch them, and overtake them in search results

    On Page Optimisation

    Much of the SEO edge you are pursuing comes from the optimisation on your website. We look at page speed, Meta Tags, Headers, internal and external link structure, and over all design. 

    Content Creation, backlinks, and guest posts

    We will design content that attracts the correct type of buyer, builds rapport with them, and promotes trust.  This content should be dynamic and always growing to ensure a good ranking in Search Engine Results.

    Build, Grow, Rinse, Repeat

    From here on in, it is simply a matter of maintaining the ecology of the campaign.  We will design a content plan that maps out how we consistently  update the site to keep it fresh, monitor reviews and citations, plus source new guest posts, blogs and mentions online. 

    Should I Move My Business Online? 

    Only if you want to grab hold of the online shoppers in addition to those that are, or perhaps are not, walking into your business.


    How much is one extra customer worth to you over the lifetime of their shopping life?

    The Countdown Timer below shows how long you have until your competitors take another one of your online customers...

    ....oh, dang, the time is up!









    Stop my competitors from taking business from me online
  • Your enquiries are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • **P.S.: At this time we are working with small to medium businesses who don't have $3,000 to $15,000 per month to spend on marketing.  If this is you, then don't pay for someone to audit your online presence and pitch a sale to you. Use our SEO Audit while it's free, and let us chat for 30 minutes when we are finished and we'll give you some pointers on how to improve. No Cost, No Obligations.  

    How has COVID 19 affected small business in Australia

    Let's look at just a few of the concerns we've heard from business owners

  • Shutdown, Reduced hours and social distancing means less foot traffic

  • Extra expenses due to sanitisation requirements

  • Expenses continued but income stopped, or reduced dramatically

  • Inventory delays mean less stock in stores

  • Make-seo-easy-for-small-business

    How does moving your business online reverse the financial impact of COVID 19?

    According To Australia Post and Ibis World, the pandemic has caused online shopping to grow by 75.8% in 2020, resulting in 69,961 online businesses sharing in nearly $32Billion!  Download their PDF report here

  • Access the online buyers that don't yet know you exist - over 1 Million new shoppers bought online for the first time this year due to the pandemic. 

  • Be open for your online customers 24/7

  • Instantly Inform your followers and customers of new sales, promotions and inventory changes 

  • Promote your business online via social media and give buyers the instant gratification of buying from you rather than trek in to the actual premises

  • Don’t get me wrong - going online isn't easy. In fact it’s harder than you would think, learning Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Google My Business techniques, doing a Google Analytics Course, understanding Google Search Console, pagespeed and other google business tools....the list goes on. 

    And yes, many business owners are taking the time to learn all this stuff themselves, however by the time they have enough skill, they have hit the market late, they resort to paying for ads via Google adwords (only 15% of people click on those ads) instead of getting organic leads from search results AND whatever spare time they could give to running the business has been chewed up and they're still not making sales.

    The wise thing to do is get a Digital Marketing Agency, AKA SEO agency, to implement an SEO service package that makes your life easier, and your bottom line healthier. 

    Limited Accounts Available

    We are going to be direct, to the point and short. Normally you read those marketing sales pages and they talk about some kind of “false scarcity”...

    ...It’s a tactic those use to get you to BUY NOW rather than to procrastinate and go about your ways. In fact, it’s this scarcity and impulse to act that’s one of the driving successes behind Search Engine Marketing Companies thriving in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and even rural areas. But, it doesn't last for these poor guys as they coerced the client into signing up, they lock them into a contract, and then they underperform. 

    ...But today we are not going to try and create some false scarcity. I am just going to lay down the facts for you

    FACT: You are leaving money on the table if you are not online

    FACT: We are onboarding a limited number of business types per region and per niche as it doesn't make sense to have our clients compete and dilute their success.

    FACT: Pick an industry and you will find market leaders on the first page of Google taking up to 92% of the enquiries.

    So the facts are that this offer is LIMITED both in NUMBER and LENGTH OF OFFER. You either act NOW and act FAST or you give it up for good.

    Coming to the party late is never a great choice, especially if every business is vying for the same customers in an online world.

    Take advantage of our FREE SEO Audit and 30 minute discovery session, before your competitr does.


  • Your enquiries are 100% secure. We use the best possible encryption methods available.

  • Here's What You Get In Our Obligation Free Audit

    (And 30 Minute Discovery Session)

    PLUS there's a bonus!

    • Analysis of your current online presence and impact online [$295+ Value]

    • Analysis of  competitors relevant to your niche and locality [$495+ Value] 

    • A full list of keywords that will get you more business [$695+ Value]

    • A Business Plan that outlines every step to take your business online [$995+ Value]

    • A proposal to create your GMB listing and Website if you don't have one [$390+ Value]

    • BONUS: 30 days of Social Media Posts relevant to your specific niche [$497+ Value]

    Total Value: $3,367

    Normal Price: $1497

    Let us help your Small Business kickstart 2021: 


    Click here to take the next step
  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Works For Any Business

    Real Estate

    Fruit Markets




    Law Firm






    And Many More...

    STOP FAILING FORWARD... It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Destiny And SPEED Towards True Success

    A Letter From The Owner

    I started Shaznem SEO services because

  • As a small business owner arising from the ashes of COVID, I got knocked back from getting digital marketing  help unless I had a pocket full of cash, and that was of no use to me - I decided I wanted to help others succeed

  • As a business coach I knew that I had the ability to help entrepreneurs start their own business, but it seemed they couldn't find the right SEO agency to help them set up - so I filled that gap in order to follow through on my promises to them

  • I get a genuine thrill out of sitting down with a business owner, getting the opportunity to understand their drive, their inhibitions, their limits, and then find a solution that takes them to ramp up their business, rewarding them both both emotionally and financially. 

  • And while that may sound cheesy, I love what I do as a business coach and SEO expert. 

    I started learning digital marketing because of my own needs, and because of the network I have been able to become part of, we have designed a system that gets results, and is nothing like the tactics used by old school dirty dinosaurs who love to take your money for SEO, then convince you to pay Google for underperforming ads.

    I'm very confident that an investement with Shaznem SEO Services will help you with your business and will pay for itself in no time.

    We'll help you get the best results on Google and Bing, but I will say right now, we will not promise more than can actually be delivered.

    We won't simply promise you the number one spot on Google - it isn't that easy, and if someone guarantees you that spot, run for the hills.

    There are many factors that either allow or prevent a business website from landing on the first page of Google, HOWEVER we are not saying it is impossible - we simply need to follow the steps that Google lay out for us, and invest the time . 

    Some of these factors are:

  • The age of the website (the older ones are trusted and known to Google)

  • The way the website has been geared for SEO and whether Google finds it easy to read

  • The choice of words used on the site, and how relevant they are to what potential searchers may be looking for

  • Technical mechanisms behind the curtain for the website, such as Meta Tags, H1, H2 headings

  • And even the mentions you may or may not get on OTHER websites and Social sites

  • When we work with you, we'll analyse all that is currently being done, all that was done in the past, and what can be done from now on to boost your online presence and get your business seen.

    Now, I'd love to help you too by implementing our SEO Strategies and with me as your SEO consultant, we can take your business to the next level. 


    Shannon Boyd

    Founder of Shaznem SEO Service

    Ready To See Those Extra Sales Coming In?

    Let's have that no-cost, obligation free SEO audit and 30 Discovery Session to find out what you're missing

    Yes, I Am Ready To See How To Get More Clients
  • Your enquiries are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • You could achieve rapid sales and you could do it FASTER and EASIER than you thought possible with an SEO Company Supporting You.

    And it all starts with taking the RIGHT STEP forward today.

    Here are The 3 Core Principles Upon Which

    Shaznem SEO Services IS Built

    Clarity, Transparency and Ecology.

    No one wants to second guess what their paying for or deal with a shady operator, and that goes for us too

    • If at any stage we recognise that what we are proposing or doing is not the best option for all involved, we will propose an end to the strategy

    • The Discovery Session allows us to understand both your personal and business goals, allowing us to design a campaign that heads in the direction you actually want, instead of what we assume you want

    • At any stage, we can provide a report of where you are at in the hunt for SEO domination, and we also send a monthly report so you can see from what actions the results are coming from


    "Sorry, he's unavailable at the moment...."

    Nope, we won't dodge calls.  Sure, we all get double booked or let a call go through to the keeper when we're in a meeting, I get that, but we constantly hear of business owners being given the run around by their SEO Agency - that's a big no no.

    • refer to the Clarity, Transparency and Ecology comment above - that is our underlying ethical promise

    • Because we know you sometimes need to make changes, or question an action, we are more than happy to chat via phone, email and where possible, in person. We simply book in a time and get things done.

    No Contracts or long time terms

    You know, as well as any business owner, that there isn't a magic wand that will get more customers to a business ASAP.  Strategies take time to play out, especially when Google is the one calling the shots, so we would expect you to look at a minimum 6 month tenure, however

    • We know things change, so we don't lock you in with contracts

    • You can stop, quit, suspend your service at any time

    • Payment is simply one month in advance, so if things need to be suspended, we simply continue till the end of the month, and start again when you're ready

    • While we have a foundation, or base design, to all of our packages, we tailor them to suit each individual business and their needs, which means changes can be made on the fly providing their in line with the end objectives you have requested. 


    Here's More Details On What Services You Can Get When You Deal With our Digital Marketing Agency Today



    Our SEO services are designed to bolter already existing businesses, and spring board startup businesses. 

    And because of our SEO package pricing, we deal with the business owners the big agencies turn away.



    We look at your business presence online in a holistic fashion - we design your Google My Business Listing to get you free traffic, we look at your citations, where you're mentioned, your social presence, your reviews, how you're being seen by search engines and more



    We consistently keep you up to date with how the campaign is going, the results we are seeing, and of any changes Search Engines may make that change the way we need to do things



    While we specialise as an SEO Consulting Company, we have expanded our service and business aprtners to assist those of you who need website design, video marketing, logo design, Youtube Channels, Social Media Management and more.



    Day in and day out, we get told that such and such "didn't understand what I needed", "they called me by my account number", "they fobbed my calls off for 2 days".  None of this is nice to hear, and we do everything within our power to ensure we never hear anyone say it about us. If you need us, we're there to help.

    Not Sure If It's Worth Doing SEO or Getting a Digital Marketing Agency To Do The Heavy Lifting?

    The FREE SEO Audit and 30 minute discovery session is exactly what you need then. 

    • Let us analyse where you're at, compare that to where you say you want to be, and if there is no solution available from a relationship between us, then you got a free SEO report for nix

    • With the right Consultant running your SEO you can overtake your competitors and take their business, you can gain new buyers who have not bought from you before, thus increasing sales by many folds.

    • By moving your business online, or enhancing your existing presence you can increase revenue while reducing time dealing with the public

    • You will get Priority Support for any issues related to your campaign with us. This will help you make more money with minimal time needed, as we can handle the marketing while you work on running your business, managaing your staff, and scaling your business.

    OK, so what does SEO optimisation cost?


    Our SEO packages range from as little as $594 a month to $1500.

    Yep, not $3K - $20K like other agencies.

    • We work on getting the correct keywords you need to attract the right customers,  Why attract visitors that won't buy?

    • We look at the level of SEO work you need and tailor the package to suit your current objectives

    • We incorporate any other services you may need  into a one off, or monthly program, it's your call

    • Come and go as you please with our no-lock-in, no contract arrangement - just remember, consistency is the winner - it's like going to the gym each day, going once a month is a waste of time. 

    • We can apply the SEO strategies specific to your goals across your social media, website, citations, YouTube channels, and more.

    Let's book my FREE SEO Audit, and arrange a time for my complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session
  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • All Your Questions Regarding Search Engine Optimization Answered

  • What is SEO?

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is quite simply the strategy put in place to get a business or website to rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  SEO is important as it is the method by which a search engine (Google, Bing, Duck Duck Goose, Yahoo, etc) determine the relevancy of your site to the intention of the visitor using the search engine. 

    If your Search Engine Marketing is sub par, the search engine algorithm will be unable to see if you match the visitors requirement and as such push you down in the results.  Maintaining a healthy SEO campaign builds your online presence, your reputation and provides you with a constant feed of fresh, qualified, relevant enquiries.

  • How Much does SEO cost per month in Australia?

  • Good question, and one you should ask. We have priced ourselves in order to help small businesses grow, so we affordable SEO pricing. SEO pricing with us ranges from a little over $500 to a little under $1500 each month, with no contract. 

    Of course, you'll hear the old dinosaurs of the industry (who charge $3K-20K a month) say that at that price you'll be getting a rag tag agency, but as you read above, I am the person typing this right now, I am the one who designs and signs off on your SEO package, and I alone decide my pricing - and my pricing is there to help small businesses grow. 

  • What hidden fees are there?

  • NONE. If you request CPC (Cost Per Click) which is buying ad space on Google, that will cost you the cost of the ads (I don't recommend using CPC). 

    And of course if you order anything extra, such as a new website, then you'll have to pay, but here are NEVER any hidden costs. 

  • Do I need SEO?

  • In one word, YES. According to BrightEdge, 2020 saw 1.9 BILLION searches were made online (68% of online experiences start off with a search online), and 53.3% of those searches resulted in clicking on a link that was shown based upon it's SEO status (View The Case Study PDF here). 

    Our Small Business SEO Packages are designed to capture that traffic, and give you the chance to turn it into a sale (SEO leads have a 14.6% closing rate - case study PDF here). 

  • Is it too late for me to do SEO?

  • No, but it is going to take a little bit of work.   The alternative is Adwords, or CPC (Cost-per-click) which imemdiately gets you on the first page of Google, but it costs...a lot (imagine paying $1-$15 every time a user clicks your link)

    SEO is one of the sharpest and most effective tools in your Arsenal if you expect Google and the other search Engines to give yo business.   Search Engine Optimisation, when done properly, all you to connect with the users who are looking for your product, your service, your content in general.  

    We will hone the SEO campaign to creep up in the search rankings, sneaking up on the market leaders who have been there for years, and we will prove to Google that you deserve to be on Page 1.  It will take time of course, and if anyone says they can do it in a month or 3, RUN. 

  • Do you do Local SEO?

  • YES.  Local SEO is very much along the same lines as SEO, however we just emphasise the location so that you attract your local buyers to your business, whether it be online or brick and mortar. Getting your Google My Business Listing done, and getting you ranking in the Google Maps will be first on our agenda. 

    If an agency ever tells you not to worry about local SEO, remember that 92.96% of Global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images and Google Maps (Sparktoto) . Also, keep in mind the following:

  • 30% of all mobile searches are related to location, according to a case study by Think with Google.

  • 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day according to the same case study by Think with Google.

  • 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase

  • What if I can find cheap SEO, cheaper SEO than yours?

  • Inexpensive SEO is something all of us consider looking at. It's a little bit like that left over pizza that is still sitting on the table from 2 nights ago...you know it's the wrong choice, and it will make you sick, but you're desperate and need something now. Don't do it. 

    I know for a fact that I am at the bottom rung of pricing for quality SEO, especially in Australia. Cheaper options are found in India, or with SEO agents that use what is called "Black Hat" techniques to take shortcuts - which inevitably make Google give your site the wooden spoon.  

    If you can't afford what I am offering, use our FREE SEO Audit and 30 Minute Discovery Session - let us show you what you need to do, and then you can either stick with us and our Affordable SEO Packages, or educate yourself to fix the issues found in the report in your own time. 

  • Is there a limit to how many keywords SEO can rank?

  • 2 questions that pop up in our industry are "how many meta keywords per page" and "how do we best calibrate SEO for small local business". 

    The answer is usually track as many words as you want to, but in order to not overload your page with spammy content (Google hates keyword spamming) keep the keywords to 3 per page, and then create new pages for additional keywords/topics. 

    So, that being said, we can work on as many keywords as we need, HOWEVER we will be working on keywords based upon their relevancy to your industry, the competition level already out there, and how popular they are in search results. 

  • So, can you tell me how to get to the top of google search results?

  • Yes. But NO ONE can guarantee slot number one on Google as it takes time and effort.  Make sure you read the rest of this....

    Imagine seeing the partner of your dreams across the room.  Do you just go up and demand a date? Nope, that almost always begs rejection.

    However, if you take the time to introduce yourself, ask what they like, then show them that you can deliver on their needs and wants, they will show you the time, and open their schedule up a little for you. 

    Continue to show them you can be trusted, and that you offer value, and you'll get the  #1 spot - Google is that perfect partner for your business, so follow these same steps. 

    Not sure how good SEO can be?

    Check out these SEO facts for 2021, sourced from the incredible guys and gals over at Junto Digital

    Let's look a little closer at this search engine optimisation concept
  • Did you know that at least 93% of online experiences begin with the use of a search engine?

  • How about the fact that out of all the online search engine options, Google accounts for 90.1% of all the searches (including Google Images)?

  • And now that we know Google is the most used search engine , do you know what comes second? Google's child, YouTube.

  • Another interesting tid bit is that 57% of B2B marketers reported that Search Engine Optimisation yielded more leads than any other marketing strategy.

  • Another thing we have noticed is that at least 61% of people research a service or product online before ordering, with 81% of that group buying large purchases

  • Many of our clients ask about PPC (Google ads, etc) and their effectiveness. We refer them to case studies showing 70-80% of internet users simply scroll by ads and go to the organic results and map pack. 

  • Backlinko analysed 5,079,491 search queries and discovered that the #1 result on Google Page 1 netts 31.7% of the clicks, with Spot # 2 getting 24.71%, and spot 3 18.66%.  The click through rate drops from there, with only .79% of people clicking through to  page 2.

  • Voice search is quickly becoming a favourite form of search, as more and more users prefer mobvile devices. As of 4th Quarter, 2020, voice search results accounted for approximately 10% of all results.

  • Locations Serviced


    Benowa Waters

    Gold Coast


    and more...