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You started your business with a specific goal in mind, probably a goal of success for you and your family

And now you hear people like the media saying it could be at risk? 


Well, we want to help you get what you want and keep it

Contact us now for a FREE Website and SEO Audit. We will also provide a no cost, no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session valued at $1500!

Get More Customers To Your Website + Shop Front

SEO Services and Google My Business Management are incredible tools that are FREE Lead Generators when you know how to use them. 

Google wants your business to thrive...so thrive!

Get ranked on Google!

Claim Your Free SEO Audit + 30 Minute Discovery Session

Evaluate and Audit

We analyse both your website and your online presence with in depth, technical audits. We then explain these audit results to you (in plain English) in a 30 minute Discovery Session

Implement & Optimise

Once you have reviewed the Discovery Session and determined if we are a suitable match for each other, SEO Experts implement technical edits to make sure that Google completely understands what you do to help customers

Build and Grow

Once Google knows the real you, our SEO Consultants set about outranking your competitors with quality backlinks, authority building articles, guest posts, further SEO on page and off page, blogs and much more

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As your Local SEO Agency, we've broken the process down into 3 simple stages:  

Firstly, we Evaluate and Audit.

Secondly, we implement and optimise, and

Thirdly we build upon the foundations we have just so reliably laid.

We explain in easy terms everything we are doing; We update you upon request, and systematically every month; We expose what your competition is doing, and how to outmanoeuvre them.  

We DON'T make promises of getting you spot #1 within 30 days, and we don't agree to doubling, tripling, qudrupling your profits in that same period either.  

We WILL provide you with a realistic business strategy, designed to deliver the objective of getting top rankings and consistent leads, and we WILL treat you with care and personal service. You're not just another notch on the board.

To quote a very famous Hair Care Product "It won't happen overnight, but it will happen"

What is SEO

What is SEO?

And I guess you want to know how it works too? 

  • SEO is quite simple an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation - or "optimization" if you still use US spelling :-)  

  • Here at Shaznem SEO Services, we are happy to use our specialty search engine marketing techniques to get your page ranking exceptionally well on Google, dominating your competitors, 

  • We can also teach you how to do SEO yourself if you're looking to have absolute control and also possess the free time to do SEO each day.

Find out more about our specialised SEO services here

During Your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session, You'll Discover...

Beat your competitors with sEO

[Spoiler Secret #1]

Competitors Movements

What your competitors are doing to keep ahead of the market, and how you can outperform them, potentially pinching THEIR customers (as long as you don't mind....)

SEM Social Engine Marketing

[Spoiler Secret #2]

Social Media Ranking

We show you your performance across 7 Social Platforms and how we can leverage them to get you more interactive clients and enquiries. We can even spy on your competitors to find potential followers for you

SEO Secrets

[Spoiler Secret #3]

Things That May Be Holding You Back

Incorrect addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, even business names can hold back your success online as Google gets confused as to which ones are correct. 

SEO Techniques that work

[Spoiler Secret #4]

Your Road To Success

Overall, we'll ask what you want to achieve, cover the data we've been able to pull, and then find a way to get you in front of more customers, so that they know you're open and operating.

We all want it, but is it realistic or a pipe dream?

Truth be told, many SEO experts promise that you will make the first page of google within 6 months, or they won't charge you until you do. 

The question is, will it be for a keyword relevant to your business, and if so, how many people actually search for it?

SEO results that work

We'll help you get the best

results on Google and Bing but take it as gospel that we will not promise more than can actually be delivered.

There are many factors that allow or prevent a business website being on the first page of Google, HOWEVER we are not saying it is impossible - we simply need to follow the steps that Google lay out for us, and invest the time . 

Some of these factors are:

  • the age of the website (the older ones are better known to Google)

  • the way the website has been geared for SEO and whether Google finds it easy to read

  • The choice of words used on the site, and how relevant they are to what potential searchers may be looking for

  • Technical mechanisms behind the curtain for the website, such as Meta Tags, H1, H2 headings

  • And even the mentions you may or may not get on OTHER websites and Social sites.

When we work with you, we'll analyse all that is currently being done, all that was done in the past, and what can be done from now on to boost your online presence and get your business seen.

Contact us now for a FREE Website and SEO Audit. We will also provide a no cost, no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session valued at $1500!
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