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Google My Business Support you deserve

Google My Business (GMB) is the perfect way to jump past your competition in the search results, and potentially hijack the first page and get more customers

Want Help Getting Your Google My Business Listing To Produce Results?

Everyone knows Google maps is fantastic! You probably know it's an incredible, free marketing tool, too. I must ask you though: is your business profile registered on Google My Business , and if not, WHY NOT!?!?

Whether you're a brick and mortar (physical) business or an e-commerce business, you are a local business to many local customers, and they're online searching for a product or service like yours.

So, you need an online presence to attract them to your front door/website, and guess what?

A Google business listing provides such a place. Plus each potential customer can see reassuring Google reviews from other buyers.

PLUS, if these reviews are favourable, that potential customer will feel comfortable buying from you, potentially becoming a life long loyal customer of yours.

Let's chat about how we can set up your Google Business Listing - get ready to start getting phone calls from clients who didn't know you existed.

Is Google My Business worth it for Small Business?


Roofers, Tilers, Electricians, Plumbers, Builders and more are researched online by potential clients.


Retail business of any kind will benefit from using Google My Business - Motor Vehicle, Hair Salons, Clothing, + more



Accountants, Mechanics, Hypnotherapists, Gyms, Coaches, Dentists, Chriporactors, and more all need a GMB listing


What do I need to Do to Get Leads from the Google Business Listing

Regardless of your business, the following attributes are available within the GMB listing, and each one will attract new clients to your business via the Google Search Engine Results Page


List your Product Range  without needing a website


Post updates and specials without needing a Social Media Account


Keep visitors up to date with your opening hours, COVID changes, last minute changes, etc


Upload Images and Videos without needing to have a YouTube or Flickr account


Give visitors clear buttons to call you, email you, chat with you, give directions or simply purchase or book straight off the listing

Set up your Google My Busines Listing using our FREE 35 Page Guide

Statistics state the facts:

A business needs A GMB Listing


Of all visits to a GMB listing result in a click through to your website / social page / offer


of internet searches are done in the "research" phase, meaning clients want to check your GMB listing and see your contact details, reviews and latest offers


Increase in calls via Google My Business from January 2020, magnified by lock downs and stay at home orders

GMB + Google Maps = Local Search Domination

Learn how to Set up GMB listings correctly, and you'll find yourself in the map pack on Page 1 of the search results


Online is now the first place people look for details on a business

It makes sense that people are doing less foot work these days with lockdowns and such, and are instead doing a local search before going into a store. This is why we include Google My Business optimisation services into every paid SEO package we offer.


Even the Locals search before popping in to a local business

Let the locals know where you are and how to get to your business. These days, Google Maps even lists your business page on Android Auto's Map Guidance so people can know about you when they drive past!


Get on the first page of Google organically?

Now, digital marketing can be confusing, but covering the basics like a google business listing will help you get a Google Search result on the front page of Google, almost instantly. This result you will get is called a local listing in the "Map Pack".

Can't I just pay for Google ads and Get on the First Page of the Search Results?

Google Adwords = Cost Per Click, NOT per sale

After the usual COVID 19 spiel that is at the top of the page, you'll see that the first 3 results are usually paid ads (Cost Per Click, Adwords). These can cost anywhere from 20 cents to hundreds of dollars EVERY TIME SOMEONE CLICKS THEM.

You will often hear an "SEO expert" state that paying google for an ad here will net you results, WRONG! You WILL get seen, but it has been proven that many visitors scroll past them and look at the map pack and the organic results below, and those that do click....back out and check other deals, but you still pay for that click.

CPC or ads is simply an expensive short cut to getting seen on the first page of the search engine results - from one business owner to another, do this ONLY if you have the spare capital and need business yesterday.


So, after these costly ads, we see some Google Map results, AKA the Local Pack AKA the Map Pack. Google shows these because they know that the individual searching has what we call "local intent", which means they are looking for local business information and possibly a customer review before heading in to purchase.

This local ranking list shows 3-5 local results, their general location, their customer Review rating, phone number and their close of business hours. When a prospective customer clicks on a businesses Google Listing, they get to view the gmb page, the business category, and other business information which includes, but is not limited to a detailed business description, address, contact details, FAQ's, more reviews, any current promotions and a relevant call to action, providing the business owner has taken the time to optimise a google post, and tons more.


We cover how you can optimise your GMB listing within your GMB dashboard in our FREE 35 Page PDF Guide, but before we go on on, you have to know that setting up your Google Business Page, or GMB listing sounds like hard work, and it is, but it pays off massively.

Local SEO attracts LOCALS, people who already know of you, or have been past your business before. There is a sense of familiarity and trust already set in place if you are "a local", so why wouldn't you take the time set up your google business profile and jump up in the results when someone searches for your industry.

When you make it into the Map Pack, you are on first page, regardless of your google ranking. Business owners pay a fortune to get on the first page, and you can do it for a fraction of the cost your competitors are paying. And if you don't want to spend the bucks and get us to take care of it for you while you run your business, simply try and do it yourself by using our FREE 35 Page Guide

3.5 Billion Daily Online Searches 


Upto 26% of Calls to Business are via GMB


1 in 2 mobile searches result in a store visit


The GMB app allows direct chat with visitors for free


Brand New Website Launched and Seen on Page 1 with Google in 34 Days!

Your #1 Way to Get Seen on The First Page of Google and stay there

Yes, you read that correct, and no it is not click bait. We indeed had a new client come to us and ask for SEO help. Turns out he had a brand new business, no presence online except for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

So, We built him an SEO powered Website, we created his presence on GMB for Local search results, we optimised everything we touched, we created back links, authoritative referral pages, created citations, and set his whole site up to be LOVED BY GOOGLE. 

The result? His website being listed SECOND in the Map Pack on Page ONE of Google via Google Maps within 34 days - and that was partly because we had to wait for Google to confirm details!

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