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SEO Questions and FAQ's

It doesn't matter if you are here because you searched for "get more clients to my website" or because you searched for funny cat videos, and fate dropped you at our door - either way it is good that you're reading this IF you own a business.

Any and all! We have helped trades, specialists, sole traders, hobbyists and stall holders, cafes and fashion stores. 

If you want an online presence, and need buyers to buy your offering - we can help.

None! We simply want to create a "foot in the door" opportunity to show you how we can help you attract more clients online and into your shop front if you have one. 

Should we not wish to work with each other, then we simply say thanks for the chat and you keep the report we have provided you.  Now, it should be noted that SEO companies charge between $250 and $1000 for SEO audits to be done, as they commonly hire themselves out at about $175 an hour. 

You'd be crazy to not accept a Free Website Audit when it's offered. 

Great! If your website is performing well, and you are getting new, regular paying clients to your business via that avenue, then perhaps you don't need our service.

Or, perhaps you do, and you're only scraping the surface of what you can earn. 

If you are unsure, simply schedule a Free Discovery Session or Request your Free Website Audit - all obligation free.

A free 30 minute session where we discuss how your specific industry can be tapped into with digital marketing, and where you are in the grand scheme of things. 

We investigate your onsite, and off-site, Search Engine Optimisation through a website Audit and we then get you to tell us about YOUR needs and expectations so that we fully understand your unique situation. 

Once we know what you wish to achieve, we look at how your competitors are ranking, the keywords they are dominating with, the opportunities that are available to you to get you more growth.

Well, we're not the cheapest, and we're certainly not the most expensive. That being said, we offer bespoke, tailored packages to our clients, based upon their needs and positioning in the online world. We deal with startups, existing businesses and veterans. 

For those business operators that simply want to browse to our site, place an order and wait for us to provide results, we DO have proven, predetermined strategies, though, we simply insist we get the chance to customise the packages to your needs. Again, book a Free Discovery Session to determine exactly what you need

That is a great question, and the answer is...everyone is different. Now, we're not dodging your question, we are simply stating that no two businesses are identical. 

IF a business already has an online presence, but has just let it slip, then it would be expected that it will see results in a shorter time frame than say, a startup business. Many things can affect the time frame such as existing website and SEO efforts, and whether they are pulling the business image down. 

Rectifying previous mistakes, and creating a new path for Google to see takes time, but when you see improved returns in revenue and ROI, the wait makes sense. 

In light of the above, we recommend all clients look at a 12 month strategy, which we will formulate with you. This allows us to conquer low competition keywords, increasing your brands authority, and then move into mid competition areas, then infiltrate high competition areas where you get the most clicks. Whether you are targeting your local area, or Nationally also impact upon the time frame required, with Local being more efficient, and national requiring many months and consistent adjustments.

The question is, if you are here, asking this question, then you need some help. How much help you need can be determined with our Free Website Audit (if you have one) and a Free Discovery Session. What do you have to lose? 

We have objectives to achieve, and the #1 position on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is our goal. However, and there is no way to sugar coat this - there is no guarantee you will get that spot yourself. IF you ever see an SEO Agency promise the #1 spot on Google Search Results, run the other way.

Yes, we can improve your chances of being the first result on Google, with consistent effective SEO, nice, clean website designs, up to date fresh content that buyers love reading, and lots and lots of coffee, however there is NO guarantee that Google will like you enough to give you prime position. 

The aim for us is to prove to Google how great you are, how much your clients love you, how long you intend to be around in the future and that you deserve that top spot - that takes time.

As you know, the top of the first page in every search is reserved for those businesses that use Google Adwords and PPC (Pay Per Click), and if you want quick results, you can definitely pay Google to put an ad there for you, however research has shows PPC (Pay Per Click) gets 10% LESS results that normal organic searches, and let's face it, it costs money. Also, seeing as how you pay per click, what is stopping your competitors from clicking on your ads, and wasting your budget? 

Absolutely not! The dinosaurs in the SEO industry will say that things are getting harder, but truth be told, SEO is simply changing with the times.

Users are moving towards mobile devices, and voice searches are taking off too, so when we plan our marketing strategies, we take these things in to account accordingly. 

That is a valid question and you have every right to be concerned when you have someone other than you, doing something for you that you may know nothing about.

We are all about transparency: after you enlist our help, we send you an updated audit on your current situation and a copy of the strategy we have agreed to implement. Also, once a month, you'll receive a fresh audit in a clear, easy to read format, so that you are able to see the growth in comparison to the original Audit. 

The first step is to look at your current digital marketing strategies (if you have any in place) and determine where you need to improve and review to get better results, then let us know how to help. This can be tough for some business owners as they are limited by both expertise and time.

To make things efficient for you as a business owner, we recommend you simply utilise our Free Website SEO Audit, and book your 30 Minute Discovery Session. 

Once we have received your Audit request, Shannon, the owner and founder of Shaznem SEO Services, will look at your current strategies, and as an SEO Expert determine areas of strength and opportunity. 

He will personally devise a proposal, incorporating Results Driven SEO and digital marketing, which he will then cover discuss with you in your 30 minute Discovery Session. He will be open to feedback and suggestions, allowing us to tailor the proposal to suit your unique needs. 

If you love what you see, we process payment and get started. And if you don't, then we simply say thanks and let you keep everything we have done for you to date. As a wise insurance based wild animal once said, "simples".

Sure thing. We do many things in house, ensuring the quality control is up to our standards. For requests where we don't have the correct in house skills, we simply enlist the help of one of our partner business, such as Arcee Media, Fate By Design Copywriting or Articulated Graphics.